Raising a child, rises one to adulthood.

May 8, Mother’s Day

Every time I look at my teenage son, I see growth. Visible, physical stature.  But the true growth, I’m sensing, is taking place within me. My son inspires and moves me towards my own threshold of greatness; to be the best self that I can be.

Through his eyes I see only love, hope, forgiveness and joy.  A reflection of the good that I aspire to be.  There is no other job role that promises, what only parenting delivers: challenge, growth, purpose and above all else, Love!

“The best thing she was, was her children.”  Toni Morrison



Long flowing, linen tunic dress by CP Shades, Santa Monica. My son, Burkley,  wearing: jacket, t-shirt and cap by Ripcurl; jeans and shoes by Vans…#surfculture, #lajolla, #teenager, #proudmom

Being in the flow

April 24, 2016

Have you ever had those moments or days when everything just flows? You feel weightless, as though you are drifting above the margins of your body, completely unaware of the passage of time.   While taking a recent day trip to  Santa Monica, everything seemed to work out in my favor; traffic, parking, my shopping experience…

  • A parking spot opened up just as I pulled up to my destination; the same spot I claim each time I take this trip.
  • I walked into my favorite boutique to find one remaining dress in my desired style and size on the sale rack at fifty-percent off.  The same dress in larger sizes remained at regular price.
  • My favorite cafe, which I was told was closed for remodel, was re-opened. I popped in to order an espresso, and the barista says: “This one’s on me!”

There is no doubt, I was in the flow or otherwise know as being in-spirit or in the quantum field. So how can we operate from this place more frequently?  From my personal observation  it’s about adopting a mindset or focus such as:

  • Doing work or a hobby that you love
  • Fostering a mental state of gratitude and forgiveness
  • Giving generously to others
  • Creating the white space to make time for yourself to have fun and get rest
  • Nurturing positive self talk
  • Maintaining a mindset of abundance

I give thanks to my shopping angels for keeping me in the flow at my favorite boutique, CP Shades in Santa Monica, where I purchased the linen slacks shown in photo, in addition to a linen dress I had been dreaming about. CP Shades is known for their long-flowy silhouettes and fine quality linen and cotton fibers.  Navy blue sleeveless, back-zip sweater by Banana Republic.




The wanderlust of window shopping

Dreaming about the fine garments and accessories, as if they were mine, transports me to another realm.  I imagine the events I would attend dressed in the freshly pressed fibers.  A play, an art exhibit, or a solitary evening sitting at a café sipping cappuccino.

As a child, I recall watching Rudyard Kipling’s, The Jungle Book on tv, secretly wishing to be exploring this far away land.  My thoughts and visions, mirrored back to me while window shopping, of a business trip to India some ten years earlier where I purchased the long flowing Kaftan, etched in gold trim.  Fabindia, New Delhi, India.

Knowing that our thoughts create our future, remember to take time today to dream.



Message from the Sea

April 11, 2016

Insight. Reflection. Chance Connection

When my husband and I first started dating, he’d bring me sand dollars from his surf sessions and say:  “I picked you flowers today.”  It was a gesture that I treasured deeply.

On day one of a recent family trip to Baja, we had a dispute over our planned agenda. It could have easily been resolved, but instead, I chose to hold tightly to my anger.  I knew it was childish of me, but somehow I felt entitled.  The next day, as I secured my fingers around the hand grip to board our Toyota FJ, I kept an even tighter grip around my burdens.  I  wasn’t prepared to let go.

As we glided across the pristine sand, in our off-road vehicle, we spotted a baby seal exploring the wake of low tide.  I asked my husband to stop the truck so that I could follow the adventurous pup.  With each step I took, I noticed hundreds of sand dollars glistening beneath the thin veil of sand.  I ran from sand dollar to sand dollar banking my treasures as if they were real currency, while my heart pumped with excitement.  It was as if I had spun the wheel of fortune and hit the jackpot.  I was inspired.

When it was time to go, I recalled memories of my husband bringing me flowers from the sea. The symbolism wasn’t lost on me.  I knew that nature was trying to speak to me and coax me into releasing my anger.   That night when we arrived at our hotel with wifi connection, I began to do research on sand dollars and here is what I discovered:

In Shaman culture they believed that the sand dollar gives us inspiration and encouragement for success. Sand dollars show us the way to build something in life by having a clear path and correspondence.  These beautiful little creatures reinforce the importance of team-work while allowing freedom of independent movement.

The Christian’s show us how to see God in each creation.  If you examine a sand dollar closely, on one side you will see the Easter Lily.  In its center, is the star that appeared to shepherds that led them from afar.  The Christmas poinsettia etched on the other side, reminds us of His birthday; our joyous Christmas tide.  When you break open the center, you will release five white doves waiting to spread good will and peace.    Italicized content cited from linked webpage.

sandollar and doves

Five doves inside

If the Mood Fits, Wear It…

Mexico is a culture that inspires a bohemian style of dress, from its flowering gifts of the sea to the whimsical Dr. Seuss-like cactus.  I purchased the embroidered peasant blouse in a tiny restaurant that caters to motorcyclists in El Rosaria, Baja, purposefully selecting the size in Grande to enable custom tailoring for a more fitted silhouette.  Bohemian style leather jacket by Banana Republic.




Miracle or grievance? You chose.

April 9, 2016

Insight.Reflection.Chance Connection

When you are being pushed in a new direction whether it be self-directed or not, know that you are being guided to achieve excellence.  It may not always feel that way when you are immersed in it, but you will end up surprising yourself if you stay true to your heart.  The trick or goal is to stay happy and positive and trust that the universe has your best interest in mind.  Surround yourself with happy people. Spend time in nature or with animals.  Animals are silent miracle workers.  Be inquisitive. Find out how other people navigated their way to success. It’s important not to get complacent and to take action that propels you in a new direction.  Chose a path that resonates with you and infuses you with energy.  Take the first step, and the energy will gain momentum to carry you to the next step, and so on.  You may need to simplify other areas in your life to create the white space for change to occur.  

An important lesson I learned recently is that in order to create change and receive abundance you must learn to forgive others for your grievances.  Our minds and spirits are like vessels. In order to take in the abundance that is awaiting you, you must be open to receive it.  “You can experience a grievance OR a miracle, but not both simultaneously.  So ask yourself:  Who have you not forgiven?  If you are angry or resentful with yourself or others, it will block you from receiving abundance.  Do the necessary work to shift yourself from a place of fear to love. Pray or meditate on forgiveness for those that you have grievances with and the alchemy will shift. You will find that either that person changes their behavior or that their behavior no longer bothers you.” Marianne Williamson, from “A Course in Miracles”.  Through forgiveness we create space for compassion and for miracles to occur.  

If the mood fits, wear it.

My happy place is in nature, and spending time in silence with animals.  Additionally, I enjoy luxuriating in fine fabrics of pure linen and cotton. I’m willing to spend a little more to get good quality because it feels good against my skin and the silhouette drapes naturally over my curves. I find so many retailers across all market channels—high end and value chain—manufacturing garments with synthetic fibers such as: model, rayon, and polyester.  Not only does the drape or silhouette cling against your bumps and curves, but the synthetic fibers bring discomfort. Ultimately the garment loses its shape after a few wears and it becomes disposable, while the price-points remain high.  I check every tag on every garment and I am careful to purchase garments using only natural fibers. It’s like finding a needle in a hay-stack.

One of my most trusted brands is CP Shades, manufactured in San Francisco. I’m wearing the Mara dress in 100% linen.  Scarf by Banana Republic, 100% Cotton.  




Aligning with my highest self in 2016

January, 2016
Insight.Reflection.Chance Connection
While my intention for 2016 is to live a life aligned with my highest self, to do this requires discernment.  Discernment is the ability to select the ‘rightness’ or higher vibrations inherent in a situation.  It requires that we ask sensitive questions of ourselves.  The answers might not be logical or the favored response by friends or family members, as such, it requires trust in oneself, the ability to speak one’s truth, and having a deep faith in the divine order of the Universe.

The process of discernment involves:

  • Perception – Having the mindset that includes the intent of both ourselves and others.
  • Intuition – The ability to listen and trust your inner voice.
  • Decision-making – The ability to weigh and live with the consequences of your choice.
  • Action – Creating a plan and developing the skills to execute the plan.

Most importantly, discernment requires love. Love for oneself and for others. Love is the energy that expands consciousness.
“You start to live when you commit your life to a cause higher than yourself. You must learn to depend on a divine power for the fulfillment of a higher-calling” ―Lailah Giftyakita

If the Mood Fits Wear It
I’ve been applying discernment in my purchasing decisions too; carefully choosing the highest quality product at the best price while aligning with my personal style and not compromising on comfort.
Denim tunic dress by Free People, Black leggings by LuLu Lemon, Cashmere Scarf by Banana Republic, Boots by Patagonia.

Quoted from: “The Light Shall Set you Free” Dr. Normal J. Milanovich and Dr. Shirley McCune.

Fractal patterns in nature and fashion

November, 2015
Insight.Reflection.Chance Connection
Yesterday morning I spent contemplative time on a cliff above the sea.  As I focused on my natural flow of breath my mind became present and as I looked up at the sky I noticed a flock of birds scale the horizon in a linear pattern, spanning a mile or greater distance. Each bird or set of birds naturally and organically created a fractal formation reminding me of the divine order that exists in the universe when we breathe deeply and surrender our worries and need for control.

If the Mood Fits Wear It
Perhaps it’s an affinity developed from my east coast upbringing, for me there is a comfort and calm inherent in wearing plaid. Living in San Diego where temperatures continue to reach into the mid-high 70’s during the winter mos, I am enjoying the sleeveless sweater and vest trend.
Black and white plaid sweater vest by Banana Republic, Silk/Cotton tunic blouse by CP Shades, ankle boot by Free People.